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Chef Speaks

"Mediterranean food to me is the food that I had started to eat since I was born and it's the food that is closest to my heart and to my stomach. The food represents my growing up times in my childhood. Besides, it's very simple, straightforward and tasteful food. For me, it's very important that when I bring a dish to your table, I do not need to explain what the food is and it is self-explanatory. When you see the food, you want to eat it without thinking of anything else. When we were thinking at the beginning about a new restaurant concept, we wanted to put together all the best foods that we want to eat when we go out and we want to relax with friends, family and the people we love. We wanted to bring something that is easy and you wouldn't have to think too much when you see the menu. We knew that Italian food is definitely one of the most popular in the world, but that was not a good enough reason for us. There are too many Italian restaurants and we didn't want to make another Italian restaurant. So we brought the Spanish food, Greek food and Levantine cuisine which is the North African part of the Mediterranean Sea. It's a food that is well-known around the world and also in Singapore. But, there is not a place where you can find the best Spanish Tapas, the great Italian Pasta, Pizzas and now, the Greek food which is one of the most popular even in Singapore. So, we decided to put it all together in one place only the most traditional and tasteful dishes that everybody knows. That was one original idea"

About Us

What Roots Stands For

Roots stands for a Chef that is more Artisan than Artist

Our Cuisine does not need to be explained or interpreted, but is solely for enjoyment

We have a few guidelines for our customers:

1. Taste over Appearance

2. Quality ingredients over Chef's ego

3. Traditional touch over Artificial methods

4. Joyful experience over Quick consumption

5. Simple over Complicated

Sasi Emőke, Local Guide

Sriram Ved, Local Guide

— Jenna, Local Guide

S Wun, Local Guide

Excellent choice of beverages, main courses and desserts. The service was great too with the chef making special arrangements to make it vegetarian friendly. The bread used in all the dishes here was really tasty and light making it standout. Would definitely visit again!

“Amazing pizza, we were so impressed that we left the restaurant looking forward to the next meal here.
Mixture of Greek, Mediterranean and Italian menu, great selection for both meat lovers and vegetarians.
Bonus, there’s no GST, only 10% service charge.
Both of the waiter and waitress serving us were extremely polite and friendly with great smile. I see no reason I won’t be recommending this place to all my surroundings.
Thank you for the lovely lunch.”

Came here for a light Sunday casual lunch and the dishes ordered were just nice for this objective. Lomo Iberico pizza was in a portion that is good as a starter. Definitely recommend as a starter (rather than a main). Moussaka was passable though I was hoping for something more moist and packed with more generous slices of eggplant - a perfect Moussaka would be described as hearty and how a homestyle kitchen by a Greek mama would do it. This was more of something one would have as a business lunch - a balance of presentation and nothing that will embarrass. Overall was a good experience for lunch.

"Very nice selection of Mediterranean dishes. The Tabuleh salad was outstanding quality, excellent taste. The ravioli also very nice. However my prawns could have a better taste with more garlic added, more buttery sauce. The Lavazza espresso is also great. Service staff is prompt and nice. 😊"

Excellent food - especially the dips. Inclusive tapas options for vegetarians. Interior is very inviting and pricing is reasonable for the location. Parking is a little tight, but no fault of the restaurant.




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2 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289189 

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